The Doubting Thomas

“Look at the one I read the other day about UFO’s!” Adanna exclaimed excitedly, her thin arm on display as she reached up to loosen her cornrows.

“All these stuffs are not real.” David argued calmly.

“Says who? Stuffs are happening out there. I swear. It’s because we don’t have CCTV cameras wired everywhere like the other developed countries. If we did, you would be shocked at the mysterious events happening right under our nose.”

“You know there’s something called propaganda yeah?”

“Propaganda? Yeah, I know.” She scrunched her thick brows together, three glabellar lines indented on her forehead, and Daniel almost laughed at how cute his little sister looked when she tried to act intelligent.

Not wanting to drag the tiring conversation any farther, he concluded. “Believe what you may, but not everything on the internet is true.”

Adanna stubbornly picked at her, she had a passionate streak for Mysteries and Thrillers, supernatural events. Something weird, unique. Strange enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

There were worlds out there that people were yet to find, there were things out there beyond the physical. How could anyone be so blind to that?

“Did you read the one of the woman who went to her son’s room after having a strange dream and saw a creature flying out of the window towards a spaceship?”

“Oh yeah. Did you also hear about the one where the chicken roared and the lion bleated?”

Adanna made a face and hissed.

Silence perused and Daniel found comfort with the peace of the moment.

“What about Angelic encounters?”

Daniel groaned out loud. “Adanna, what is with you and mysteries?”

Adanna dropped the comb she wielded and clamped on Daniel’s hand with wide crazy eyes. “Because there’s so much out there. So much questions, too little answers. The man that walked into the drugstore and the CCTV alternated between the present and a hundred years time. What did that signify? What does that mean? Is time travel going to have a breakthrough sometime in the future. Can we travel back to the moments we once cherished and relive them over again? Do we have doppelgangers? What lies in the other six spheres that dominate the universe?”

Daniel regarded his sister with strange look. For a twelve year-old, she did have different priorities. Slowly, he withdrew his hand and got up.

“I leave you to your musings then, when you have successfully answered all questions. Let me know.”

She sighed and let go of his hand, quite sad to end the conversation. “I hope someday you’d become a believer.”

Daniel trudged into the house with a tired yawn. “I hope.”

Entering his room, he fell on the bed and rolled about till he found his spot and relaxed. It was just past three and he felt decimated for a whole day.

Their parents would be back anytime soon. Sleeping now was a death wish. He wasn’t in the mood for Responsibility 101. That class was old. Picking up his phone, he browsed through his gallery, not wanting to finish his dying battery by coming online.

Immersed in funny memes and old photographs, he ignored the cold drop on his leg. It dropped on him again and he ignored. The third time, he looked up from his phone to see droplets of water on his legs.

Water? From where?

His eyes trailed up to the roof. Was it leaking? He cast a sharp look outside but the golden rays of the sun and bright clouds dispelled any sign of rain.

Curiously, he touched the droplets and they were indeed water. From where? All of a sudden, he knew.

“Adanna, are you that jobless? I thought you were loosing your hair?” He asked exasperatedly.

There was no reply.


“Yes,” her distant reply echoed form the backyard. Sneaky creature!

“I’m not in the mood for your play abeg.”

“I’m not hearing you. Should I come?”

He shook his head vehemently before replying. “No! stay there with your wahala.”

Dragging an old T-shirt from the pile that lay at the foot of the bed, he cleaned the water off and picked up his phone. Just as he turned the other way, he felt another drop but this time it was a light drizzle.

Frustrated, he barked. “What is wrong with you? Don’t you know when to stop. Do you want-” The remaining words died in his throat as he beheld what was before him.

Right in the middle of the room, a thin stream of water was trickling out of thin air, curving at a right angle, like a pressured leak from a broken pipe.

Daniel sat up slack-jawed. His heart hammered within his chest and his fingers turned cold. Slowly, he edged out of the bed and walked around the miracle. He wasn’t seeing right. This wasn’t real.

All of a sudden, it ceased.

Goose pimples ghosted Daniel’s arms and in a heartbeat he was flying out of the room and right to were his sister stood, loosing her hair across the window mirror.

She glanced at his weird entry. “Is all well?”

“Why did you pour water on me?” Daniel accused, not believing what he just saw. It had to be another in of Adanna’s pranks. She had a lot up her sleeves.

“Pour water on you? Maka why?”

“I’m serious. It’s not funny.” He deadpanned.

“I’ve been here since. I didn’t pour any water on you.” She explained, looking bewildered by the accusation.

He gazed intently at her, trying to figure out if the twitch in her eyes were out of mischief. Outside, a car horned.

Daniel abandoned the unsolved mystery and rushed to open the gates for his parents, burying it in the layers of his heart where the demons of doubts chewed on and grew.

That wasn’t enough to make him a believer, the universe knew that much. Therefore another surprised was planned for him. It wasn’t magic. It was the connecting of two parallel Iines, from one sphere to another. Whatever came forth, was left to the “invisible pull of nature”.

Four days later, Daniel sat outside washing his clothes. Adanna had gone out to the market with their mother. His dad sat in the sitting room engrossed with a paper. Having nothing to do, he agreed to decrease the ever-increasing pile of dirty clothes.

Selecting his playlist, he boomed up music and got on with it. Lathering the water to a bubbly slip, he drowned his clothes and let them soak, using the spare minutes to thrill his absent audience with his degrading dance skills.

He moon walked on the untextured German floor, wearing out the soles of his flip-flops. Trying out the Michael Jackson’s thriller move and failing miserably, he lifted up his head and was met with a scream.

Daniel was too oblivious to the fact that he was the one screaming until his voice cracked and tore in his throat.

A man stared at him through a protective suit, holding out a calm hand towards him, signifying peace. The beam of the flashlight sitting on the man’s head gear temporarily blinded Daniel to the two people behind him, donning the same gear. Until, the man spoke.

“Mary, check the map. Where are we?”

A head bobbed towards an ancient scroll gripped between two hands. “I don’t understand. We are still in the Tiagra Fall. The cave is supposed to connect to the underbelly of Columbia.” She looked around. “This doesn’t look like Columbia to me. What the hell is going on Mark?”

“I don’t know. Stet, could you check the earthing and give us a compass.”

Stet looked down at his device, the red mark was going haywire fluctuating between two continents, time zones and centuries.

“Something’s wrong, man. This is messing with my device, I can’t get a grip. We have to pull back.”

Mark took a step forward and Daniel took three backward. How he was breathing was still a thing of mystery to him. His heart pounded so loud, each beat resounded through his body. And for the sake of God, where was his dad?

“Hello, my name is Mark. What’s yours?” Daniel’s tongue felt heavy, clinging to the roof of his mouth. He swallowed but there was no saliva to begin with.

“I don’t think he speaks English.” Mary tried to whisper.

“He’s wearing clothes. That’s a start.” Mark replied.

“He looks weird.”

“I noticed, Mary. Genetic mutation perhaps?”

“You guys won’t believe this. My earthing is actually saying something but I can’t believe it.”

“What’s it saying?” Mary prompted.

“We are fluctuating between two continents. I think we’re in Africa but not sure where.”


“Congo perhaps.”

Nigeria. Tell them Nigeria. But Daniel couldn’t talk. He felt frozen to a spot, forgetting all functions of his faculties.

“Guys we need to leave, the frequencies are going up. Timeline’s fluctuating.”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know. I think we stepped into a parallel universe or dimension. Or we just…”


“Time travelled. But through another realm. I don’t know. We need to leave before whatever portal we step through closes.”

“Alright, we’re gonna step back slowly. Slowly. We don’t want to stir an attack.”

Step by step, they retreated and retreated, and kept moving, until their backs hit the wall.


Stet was quiet, the earthing in his hand, dead.

“Stet, why aren’t we back in the cave?”

Like the quite hum of a vent, he whispered. “It’s closed.”


Stet banged against the device, the red mark awoke and strained against the frequency ,then fell flat. He sighed. “We’re stuck.”

Mary walked around the backyard plunging her hands through the air.

“What are you doing?”

“We can’t be stuck! There’s go to be a portal somewhere. Maybe it shifted.”

“I don’t mean to be a downer but there is an average of about fifty portals throughout Earth. Stepping through one by mistake, takes a probability less than minus 0.0005 to fifty and the chances we’re going to find one around after the portal closes is a minus infinity.”


“It’s simply impossible!”

“For Gryx sake!” Mary exploded.

“Stop swearing, we need to calm down and take stock of our situation.”

“I’m sorry. I just.. I can’t believe this. What if we can’t breathe the same air. Our oxygen tank is running on a 40% already.”

“I’d take the chances.” Stet said, stepping forward. He looked at Daniel, who was still paralyzed where he stood.

Pressing a button on his head gear, nitrogen gushed through the valves. With a clank , he unlocked the gear and gingerly removed it.

“There we go.” He held his breath then exhaled. With a shaky inhale, he breathed in.

“Mmm. Fresh air.”

Daniel staggered, his vision tilted and blood rushed to his head. He couldn’t be seeing right.

The other two followed suit, and Daniel was finally sure of what he was seeing.

He’s vision whirled and he fell to the ground. Just before Daniel blanked out, Stet knelt over and three eyes blinked back at him.

Then he drowned into the darkness.

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