Happy new year; Welcome to 2021!

                  Happy new year!!! I’m legit screaming this at the top of my lungs. Welcome! Welcome to 2021. God, what a relief! I would have asked what the heck was that? But I guess you are trying to figure that out too.

I missed this space. Really did. The concluding months of last year was really a trying time for me. I lost a number of very dear loved ones, struggled to keep my mental health in one piece, struggled to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, fell out of love and luck with my WIP, and felt like one devastating failure. From news and heart-felt confessions by other people, I guess I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

Guilt was also one thing I struggled with, especially with how out of touch and inconsistent I was on blog posts. It was beginning to think I made a rash decision in opening this blog, and more than once I entertained the idea of deleting everything. I had to sit down and take stock of myself, and I came to a realization. I may be very far away from the goals I had in mind when starting this blog, I might have slipped a lot of times and bitten too much than I could chew. However, what matters is that I started.

Yes, I might have failed in a good deal of areas, but I took that good step of starting. Regardless of what may not have been performed in its rightful accordance or began in naïve haste, can be fixed. Because there was a template at least to begin with. I am learning and I am quite glad I didn’t quit.

I have as well learnt to count my blessings. Despite what last year threw, I finished University in one piece. It wasn’t an easy feat. Really. But here I am. Happy. Hale and Hearty.

Not a motivational speech but thanks for listening.

Okayyy! So, January huhn? Well, frankly this post isn’t going to feature any TBR’s or the amount of books I read last year which was supposed to be a hundred but I doubt I reached that number.

 Sometime this week, I’d upload my 2020 progress, TBR’s for the month and goals for 2021. Also, I’d be adding a new surprise to spice things up, which I’m quite excited and terrified about. Nevertheless, I’m doing it anyway.

To all those, who have stuck with me despite my inconsistencies. Thank you, from the top, middle and bottom of my heart. I look forward to a better and amazing year with an actual cure for this damn virus.

My condolence to everyone who lost a loved one either to the virus or to unwanted happenstance. Words can’t fill the hollow spaces, neither can mundane apologies. I only pray that you get the needed comfort to overcome these trying times. If it be helpful, I am just a click away.

Thank you again. I really love you guys.

Oh, least I forget, who made some new year resolutions? I won’t really call what I did resolutions. I just restructured some aspects of my life with practical steps of progress. I purposefully avoided anything called resolutions, because the more I make them, the more I fail to achieve whatever set.

But, if you did. I’m happy for you. I really pray you achieve your goals and plans. If you don’t mind sharing, drop some resolutions you made this new year and how you plan to achieve it. I’d love to see your comments. Please stay safe out there.

Your fave bee❣                                       

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