The Amazing Follower Award

Hey guys❤,

I have been nominated for The Amazing Follower Award by Ore. She is a consistent, enthusiastic bookstagrammer and has featured quite a number of stars on her blog. You should check her out. You’d definitely fall in love.


• Put the award logo on your blog post.

• Answer the 8 questions asked by the person who nominated you. Also provide a link to their blog.

• Tell us why you like their blog. How has it inspired you?

• Nominate around 8 other amazing people who have supported you in every step of the way.

• Ask them 8 questions of your choice.

• Follow StoryStoryOh

Oreoluwa’s questions;

How does this blog inspire you?

Your blog was the inspiring force I needed to birth mine. I am entranced by your style, uniqueness, captivating content and most especially, your consistency that never ceases to dazzle me.

Your favorite post from this blog?

Ten Bookish Pet Peeves Every Reader Can Relate With

Any suggestions (for this blog)?

Keep soaring!

When did you start blogging?

I started this blog officially on December 31st, 2019.

Has there been a time when you wanted to quit blogging? What made you not give up?

Yes actually. I started this blog with some major goals in mind and I seem to be getting farther and farther away from achieving them. I didn’t give up because nothing comes easy, you have to strive for what you want irrespective of oppositions.

Any fictional character/real person who you wish to impersonate? Why?

Nah. I’m good.

Your hobbies amidst the pandemic..

Reading, writing, engaging with other writers across different platforms, watching natural hair tutorials and keeping up with all my favorite hair bloggers, exercise, developing my spiritual life and etc.

The most recent book you read.

I’ve been slacking with my TBR’s but I’m currently on The Richest man in Babylon by George. S. Clason. Not your normal read but you’d be happy to read this. I promise you.

A hearty thank you to Ore for this honour. I’d be nominating:

Adelara of Everything, Anything

Lady B of Literary Everything

Trenzznet of thetrenzznetwork

If you’d like to participate, please feel free, don’t hold back.

Also, I am on a hiatus for now but would be back as soon as I can with the power of the wind and the speed of light. Please take care and stay safe.

Still your fave bee❤

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