Welcome to May!!!

Happy new month!!

We can all agree 2020 has been one heck of a year and as much as it seems we are daily surrounded and choked up with bad news and happenings, lets try to soak our minds to the little rays of sunlight that we experience but tend to forget.

Its a new month with a supposedly clean slate, lets try to make the best of it in our daily lives and in our personal libraries. Its quite sad that I was absent here for approximately two months. Lots of crazy stuffs going on but I was able to get a happy amount of reading done which I’d be posting on here as time unravels.

Heartbreaking news, Anybooks is no longer free and I lost all my April Reads as I didn’t document them down. Although I plan to pay for the new update I just pray and hope my bookshelf remains safe. April was a month of peace, I read haphazardly, without any form of book coordination or theme and might I say, I enjoyed it.

March on the other hand which happens to be the longest of all, was the month i was able to get the least amount of reading done. I was in school at that time (before the lockdown) and hooked up with final year. March ending met me at home and a renewed vestige to devour any book I lay my hands on. May might just be my month of redemption.

So, I happened to be curious and browse out what May is significant for. Any Theme? Any Major event that will shapen my list for the month? I couldn’t get any specifics but I did get some interesting facts.

May is named after Maia, the roman goddess of fertility and it represents emerald which symbolizes success and love. Also, its the last month to the end of spring and marks the beginning of summer. From what I could denote, May signifies flowers, success and love. Good combo!

Without further ado, let’s dive right into May’s schedule.

Here’s my list of TBRs

  • Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (Poetry)
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
  • Remind Us of Our Strength by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • All Adults Here by Emma Straub
  • Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb
  • One of Us is Next by Karen M. Mcmanus
  • The Riches of Babylon by George. S. Clason
  • Please See Us by Caitlyn Mullen

The Riches of Babylon by George. S. Clason cannot be called a literary novel but I added it as part of my TBR because reading is not restricted to just learning about relationships, friendships and beliefs but also finances. Also as an Economist, I find it highly valuable and the best part of it, it is recounted in story parts.

I’ve had Flowers for Algernon for a long while on my laptop and read a number of pages but because of my preference for phone reading, you know, all wrapped up and pillow propped I abandoned it and switched to my comfy zone. But with a little review from my friend, got me scrambling back with greedy eyes. Just a little heads up, Ignore the errors, they’re part of the story.

One of Us is Next By Karen Mcmanus, is the sequel to One of Us is Lying which was one of my January TBRs (Or was it Feb?) I had no idea there was a Book Two, until i saw a pop-up on my goodreads account. I wouldn’t want to be a spoiler but if you haven’t read One of Us is Lying, you may not understand the sequel. So grab a copy.

I’ve come across Milk and Honey a lot of times but I haven’t had the time to read it. Now, I’m ready for the ride. You can also check other poems by Rupi Kaur on goodreads.

By the way, if you know any good ARC platform or site I’d really appreciate. I need to get current books to feast my mind on. I came across Bookish site and found a set of TBRs for the NetGalley Team. I had itchy fingers to add a whole lot on here but i’ve already combined my list so that would be sayonara till June. I did add one though, which is, Please See Us by Caitlyn Mullen.

Book Reviews would be updated as I can. Right now, I cannot set any deadline because as much as it may seem time is on one’s hands due to the unbidden holiday. Some of us are occupied with school work, office work, etc. I’ve had the entire semester notes for two courses to read, and five more incoming, assignments, project work and so on.

Anways, for those of us who are finding this period hard. Take it a day at a time, find ways to exercise your mental health. Do what you can, don’t over stress yourselves. Eat healthy. Exercise. Enjoy a warm day with family. This will soon be behind ourselves. God’s peace be with you all.

Don’t forget to leave comments. ARC’s, your TBR’s recommendation, Appreciation, constructive criticism, All is welcome.

Stay safe out there!

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to May!!!

  1. This is beautiful, Uju😍🥺. Well, I didn’t know what May stood for and all, thank you for that information. We learn everyday😂❤️

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