Meet Me!

Hi there!!

I am Obianuju Chris. Currently a student of Kings University in Nigeria, majoring in Economics and gliding through my final year in the uni (A big Hallelujah to that!)

This is my first blog so I really don’t know how to go about any of this but I hope to get a hang of it. Anyways, I’m a die hard fan of books and can’t stop myself anytime I see a new paperback or an eBook than diving right in. So, today I had an amazing idea of sharing some of the knowledge I gained from some of this amazing books! (What better way to end 2019 and start a new year)

Though I happened to be a writer myself, I haven’t been able to complete a book yet (I hope to change that very soon) but I have written so many poems and short stories, which as time goes by I’d share with you and you can tell me what you think.

I’d also like to gain from you all out there on your references and preferences on your favourite novels.

You’d be seeing more of me very soon and I am promising amazing contents with every pop up. So, I say a happy new year as this year ends in less than 24hrs and I wish you an amazing 2020.


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2 thoughts on “Meet Me!

  1. Congratulations Obianuju. It’s great to have you on WordPress. It’s going to be an amazing experience for you by the grace of God. 2020 can be the year you complete your first book 😁. I’d be looking forward to that and the rest of your posts here on WordPress. Congratulations again! 👏


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